Wednesday, 9 January 2013

M1ABD-3 stopped working overnight last night. I visited the site this evening and found that just a re-boot of the computer and TNC is all that was needed.
The problem seems to be with the very old Timewave PK-12 TNC that we use. It seems to get confused and stops working every now and then. It just needs to be switched off and back on while the computer is not connected to it.
M1ABD-3 is now back on the air again.


  1. Due to problems with the domestic electricity supply. M1ABD-3 closed down last night at about 2030 Hours. The electricity kept turning itself on and off and, even with a UPS in line, the computer got so confused it turned itself off and refused to restart. A full re-boot was required and the station was back on the air at about 1215 Hours today.

  2. Once again, M1ABD-3 stopped working overnight. No sign of it on the map first thing this morning. I managed to get to site this afternoon and all that was required was a re-boot. The TNC was confused again. I will look into replacing the PK-12 with a more robust TNV, such as the old KPC-3.

  3. M1ABD-3 stopped working at 0300 Hours this morning. I travelled to site this afternoon. Enquiries reveal that the power supply was playing up again last night and was off for a while. M1ABD-3 is not important enough for backup power, so the TNC became confused again. A quick re-boot was all that was needed to get it working again. I have managed to find a KPC-3 TNC to replace the old PK-12 and, hopefully, put an end to the problems.

  4. M1ABD-3 stopped working just after 1000 Hours on 14 March 2013. A trip was made to site this evening. It appears that workmen severed the main electricity cable to the site on the morning of 14 March. The site had been running on generator ever since and is likely to remain on generator for some time. When the power was cut, the PK-12 TNC had become confused again and stopped working.
    I have replaced the confused PK-12 TNC with a Kantronics KPC-3 TNC. This TNC is known to be more robust and should cure the recent problems we have been having with M1ABD-3 (fingers crossed).


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