Sunday, 20 January 2013

The motherboard that was running my APRS computer has failed. First symptom was a failure to connect to the network. 2E1EJC was not sending to the internet from yesterday evening until about 1600 Hours today. I am now running APRS on a spare computer until the new motherboard arrives.


  1. The new motherboard arrived last week and has been installed in the old case. It does not have a COM port as standard but does have the headers for one. I do not have a cable long enough to install on the motherboard and reach the card slots. One is on order and should arrive soon, although the post is a bit unreliable at the moment. 2E1EJC is still running on the spare computer.

  2. 2E1EJC is running on it's own dedicated computer again. The new COM port lead arrived this morning and has been installed. Everything is back to normal again.


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