Wednesday, 20 March 2013

M1ABD disappeared from the map at about 0900 Hours on 19 March 2013. I made a trip up to site on the afternoon of the same day. When I got to the main gate I found that the SEB had pushed a letter through the gate saying that the power would be off from 0900 Hours that day until about 1530 Hours. So that would explain why M1ABD was not working. When the power came back on, the computer refused to restart and despite giving it a good kicking, sorry I mean re-boot, it appeared to be dead. So I hooked up the spare computer we keep at site and brought the dead computer home.

Above is a picture of the spare computer at work.

When I got the computer home and hooked it up, it decided it wanted to work after all. Examination revealed no apparent problems.
So this afternoon I took it back to site and swapped it over with the spare computer. All appears in order and M1ABD is working normally.

Above is a picture of the original computer back at work again.

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