Friday, 21 February 2014

I took a trip up to M1ABD yesterday afternoon and found the area covered in SSE vans and more people than I have ever seen on top of Bullbarrow before.
I spoke to one of the linemen who said that they were fixing the fault and the power should be back on that evening.
This morning M1ABD had still not appeared on the map.
So, once again I took a trip up the hill.
I found that the power had come back on, but the computer was not running.
It appears that the computer power supply had given up trying to deal was the on-off electricity and had died. I keep a spare computer on site (a very old one that will only run Windows 95), so I persuaded it to spring into life and replaced the broken computer.
M1ABD is now back on air again and appears to be running normally.

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