Friday, 2 May 2014

M1ABD stopped working again today. This morning we had a visit by the firm that services the generator. It would seem that they turn the power off when they test the generator. Our installation is on the Non-Essential power supply, so the power to the computer was cut off. As the computer will not switch itself back on after a power cut, M1ABD did not re-boot itself.
I had a message from Chris M6CSV after the last post to let me know that there is a switch in BIOS that will restart the computer after a power cut. Unfortunately the computer at M1ABD is too old for this switch. However, I am in possession of some old redundant Windows XP computers and they do have the switch in BIOS.
So I am busy loading the software onto a new machine and there will be a Windows XP machine running M1ABD very soon.
We are getting very modern!

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