Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Today I took a trip to Eggardon Hill and replaced the computer running G0ROZ-3. Inside this box is a motherboard with an AMD Sempron 26 and 1GB of Ram and Windows XP as the OS. It has been set up to re-boot itself every Sunday at 0300 Hours and to automatically switch itself back on if the power goes off.

While setting up this computer it occurred to me that I had not changed Uiview on the M1ABD computer to take account of the new UIFLOOD and UITRACE settings. You may have noticed that M1ABD is not showing paths with its digipeated packets.

I will go back up to site and change the settings in Uiview32.ini, but I can't until Friday as the road to site has been closed while they resurface it. The road is badly in need of repair so no complaints from me!

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