Thursday, 18 December 2014

M1ABD vanished from the map at around 1700 Hours last night (Why does it always stop working just as it gets dark?). I took a trip up the hill this morning and found the computer turned off. I re-booted the computer and all appeared to be well, although there was no indication of what caused the problem in the first place.
Two hours later M1ABD stopped working again. Once again I took a trip up the hill. This time the radio and TNC was off and the UPS had an alarm showing. I was unable to clear the alarm or turn the UPS back on again. So I disconnected the UPS and ran the power supply direct from the mains. The radio and the TNC burst back into life and all appeared to be working again.
I have brought the UPS back to the workshops to try and find what the fault is. I suspect the batteries are no longer holding a charge, but I will run some tests to make sure.

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