Sunday, 11 January 2015

G0ROZ-3 Fixed again

G0ROZ-3 vanished from the map again in the early hours of Friday morning. I made a visit to site this morning and found that the computer had locked up again. The only way to re-start it was by turning the power off at the wall socket and turning it back on again.
This has happened before and I believe it is caused by the unreliable electricity supplied at the site. It seems to get worse in the winter when there is more bad weather around to disrupt the supply.
I have put Surge & Spike protector sockets in line to see if this will help.
I also replaced the faulty keyboard.
Perhaps tapping into the essential supply line in the cabin will help out with the power problem. I hope to go to Bullbarrow Hill tomorrow to carry out some works to use the essential power there. If that solves the problems there, then I will do the same at Eggardon Hill.

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